Series 11

Our 2 inch pump model, the Series 11 is designed to generate up to 80 gallons of everything from oil to molasses. Compact and efficient, the Series 11 is the perfect option for those in need of a pump with less volume.


  • Available in Gear Reduction, Hydraulic, and PTO (Shaft-driven) models.
  • The 90/180 degree Ported Housing model of the Series 11 pump is available with the standard RV, Double RV, and plain endplate. 
  • Offered in a 90 degree, 2 inch NPT tapped port model that does not come with removable flanges.
  • Also available in the 180 degree model with 2 inch flanges.


  • Designed to output .11 gallons per revolution at a maximum of 750 rpm.
  • Generates up to 80 gallons per minute.
  • Max pressure is 125psi.